The Boondock Saints takes place in Boston so you hear a lot of city sounds. Cars honking, people talking, things like that. No matter what is going on you can hear back ground noise. Even if they are in a room you can hear what is going on outside. Sometimes this is very distracting but it also adds ambiance to the movie. As I have mentioned before my favorite scene from this movie is the courtroom scene. In this scene you do not hear the back ground noise that is through out most of the movie, instead you hear music playing very quietly. This music lets you know that something very important is going to happen. In this scene  the Saints and their father but into the courtroom while a trial is being held for a mob boss. They then explain what will happen if the people in the courtroom do evil crimes. It is a very climatic scene that ends the movie perfectly. I have included the link for the video of it.


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