This movie has many genres. It is counted as crime, thriller and drama. In most of the scenes the lighting seems like natural lighting. When I say natural I mean it looks like the correct lighting for where they are and the time of day it is. The lighting is very different in what I think should be lighting for a thriller. There are no really dark areas where something might jump out at you. The darkest scene is when they are in the bar in the beginning and that is pretty dark but it is night time in a bar with no windows. Every other scene is like I said above, normal lighting like you would see out side or in a room. Boondock saints1This is a picture of them standing outside the church in the morning and as you can see it looks like what it is.

This type of lighting made it so the movie seemed more realistic and believable. It is almost like you could pick up a paper the next morning and read about what was going on in Boston.


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